Local SEO ?

More Local business owners than ever are realising the benefits of search engine optimisation or SEO for their websites. Local SEO adds yet another layer of things to think about into the SEO mix, but why should you bother with local SEO?

Research shows that more and more of us are looking to get away from the identikit homogenous one size fits all approach of the large national or international corporations in favour of smaller local businesses.

This can be because of perceived quality – local businesses being usually seen as having a higher quality offering to the national chains. Personalisation of the service or product is generally more readily available making the clients and customers feel like more bespoke service is available to them.

It can be because of higher standards of service – local business is generally seen as having a more personalised and friendly approach to business and treating customers fairly. Customer service operations are usually local rather than on the end of a phone in another country.

Local businesses are also being seen more and more as not having the massive overheads of the mega chains and therefore giving better value for money.

Local SEO puts you in the minds of those people who like to shop or do business locally, If you are in Haywards Heath and only do business as far as Burgess Hill  or perhaps Brighton and don’t go as far as Worthing for example then local SEO is perfect for your needs – Carefully targeting the local SEO of your website can help you achieve growth in your catchment area.

Targeted local SEO is something we can help you with – contact us for more info

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