What is Content Marketing?

Best to start at the beginning so just to recap what content marketing actually is…Content Marketing is a way of inspiring trust and demonstrating knowledge on the given subject with your clients / customers / consumers/audience. Content marketing demonstrates that knowledge by helping and being an open guide for people without being invasive with their wallet or tricking them into coming to you using quasi voodoo sales magic.

blank-page Content Marketing  & Me?

What is Content Marketing for?

It enables the audience to find you through Search Engines or Social Media for the information that they are looking for and demonstrating that you are the best place to help them through knowledge is already providing added value to yourself.  Not only that but because the audience has  found you through an organic medium and come to you rather than through sneaky sales skulduggery or trickery, it helps build brand trust and potentially loyalty as your content has not been foisted onto them like a cheap paper flyer under your windscreen in a car park.


We can all dream that someone who has never seen your website before is going to mosey on up having seen a link on twitter (other social networks are available) and be one of the people who decides that they must there and then purchase from you, although happy days and we can all dream. Content Marketing is not about that, its about building a brand trust and capital into that trust so that one day hopefully that purchase may take place. It may be that the person remembers you and comes straight back to buy directly or they may search through Google or Bing etc and see a load of results and “ooh I remember that site “insert site name here” it was good, I’ll go back”

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Is Content Marketing  just for Global Brands?

Content Marketing is not just for national or global business,  local SMB (small medium business)  are also experts in their field but with a more personal touch to their business, in fact local SEO and content marketing a perfect for each other as people tend to search how they talk and think so local dialects/idioms can come into play while writing the content. Local business can write about their local area and what they like about it, perhaps what its like to do business in the local region or local landmarks – remember content marketing is not about selling its about establishing trust before doing any business and trying to erect road signs so that people remember to come back to you.

Content Marketing Staying power?

You remember those embarrassing photos that your “friend” can’t get taken down from the likes of facebook/twitter/google images/myspace (hey I’m sure someone still uses it..) Once it is on the web things can stay there for a very long time, that bit of content that was put up last year can still be showing up in the search engines in 5 years time, still potentially bringing an audience to your website in 5 years time.. Content marketing is here to stay, think about some brands who are major content marketers…BBC? Daily Newspapers? Most of these guys have been around for ages, I bet you just never realised that they were content marketers too.

content-marketing Content Marketing  & Me?

We try to show to each client that SEO and Content Marketing are almost a match made in heaven, The content can be tailored for maximum SEO benefit by driving multiple keywords through each page or article and although content marketing is something that can take time to show results it really can be a benefit long term.


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