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Global Markets?

Some Businesses serve a physical local area market and Internet or no Internet that is not going to change. Most small businesses deal with customers within a 15-20 mile radius of their location. In a large built up area Brighton or London for example, that radius can shrink down to as little as a mile or two depending on the nature of the business. That’s where our focussed Local SEO can help.

What is SEM?

Search Engine Marketing. SEM is paid for online advertising and marketing which used to be known as PPC or pay per click. The main stream of this type of advertising would be Google Adwords or Bing Ads.

Search Engine Marketing can deliver very highly targeted traffic to your website as you can guarantee the keywords – at a price, which can be ideal for a “sales push” at certain times of the year – or even a certain time of day!

Why SEM as well as SEO?

SEM search engine marketing can give almost immediate results, where as pure SEO Search Engine Optimisation can take a couple of months to settle down into seeing acceptable results. So working them together can bring the best of both worlds. SEO makes your website better for the search engines and your clients to navigate and find the information that they want and continues working even when the budget has gone, where as the SEM budget gets used up every time someone clicks, So in the ideal world SEO is for the longer term and SEM is the short term option.

Local Marketing.

SEM (search Engine Marketing) and PPC (Pay per click) lets you highly focus your marketing spend within a catchment area. Location based SEM advertising means that people outside of the area you specify don’t click on your ad.

Its also fast to implement – We could potentially roll out a quick fire campaign for you ready to supercharge sales from as soon as 24-48 hours later.





Hour Turnaround

Amazing Result

PPC is cost effective because..

You only pay when someone is interested enough to click.

You only pay when someone interested clicks on the ad. This is the biggest difference versus old fashioned advertising offline, where you can spend a huge amount of pounds on newspaper advertising and hope and dream that your target market actually find themselves engaged by your ad, but you never really know.

Right person, Right time, Right Ad

Want to target a your advertising to a specific location at a particular time of day with a specific ad? No problem. Device specific ads (mobile/desktop) and location targeting and delivery gives PPC the ability to deliver specific content to your target customer at the ideal time when they are nearby.

Rapid Results

PPC can show results very quickly. While Organic search traffic and SEO is important, it has a longer payback term for ROI. PPC, however can show almost instant results for both website traffic and conversions under the right conditions. This is ideal for short term Promotions or Events, but can also be justified to run alongside your organic SEO as statistics show a slightly higher net spend per head by customers coming by on PPC v Organic listings.

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