Where to start on a beginners guide to SEO or Search engine optimisation? Well if you are being taught to suck eggs I do apologise in advance ( although the clue is in the world beginners ) and if you are not a beginner then this is probably not for you.

seo-chalkboard Beginners Guide to SEO

What is SEO?

SEO is the process whereby you present your website to the search engines – for example Google or Bing – in the best possible light, that is to say the way they want you to. Presenting information in the “right way” to the search engines is exceedingly important as they are the source of where your customers can find you. Websites that have had better Search engine optimisation for specific keywords will be better regarded by the Search engines and be shown earlier in their search engine results pages or SERPs.

How to begin?

The search engines want to have websites that have high quality relevant content at the top of their search results as that is what WE are all looking for when we use the search engines – no matter the brand of search engine used. So high quality relevant well written content is a must to get to the front page of the rankings.

seo-strategy Beginners Guide to SEO

Localisation and local SEO

Localisation is also very important. Its all well and good being for example a restaurant or pub based in East or West Sussex but if you rank highly on a keyword combo of say “Restaurant Edinburgh” (although goodness only knows why)then it likely as not going to be of no use to you. I will go into local SEO in more depth in another post very soon. In fact that link for Local SEO has now arrived

Page Titles/Tab Titles

Page titles, look up to the tab on your web browser – page titles are the bit in there. They are also the bit that you click on in the search engines and are in those three or four words what the whole page is about. They can make or break your traffic as they are also what entices people to click on your link and not another.. why not have a look at our 10 top SEO tips for SMEs to read a bit further on different SEO factors

Ok so what now?

There are no shortcuts in SEO, it takes time to optimise your website correctly as per some of the above is only the beginning of the start to optimising correctly – we did say that this was a beginners guide to SEO… Spending either time or money on SEO and content is an investment in your website that will provide considerable ROI over and over again.


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